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Discover quick and easy ways to use the world's oldest success tool. Now this new fully illustrated, step-by-step guide that takes you beyond ancient wisdom is in your hands. You are about to explore the secret to fortune, health and wellness! This genuine knowledge can help you turn your dreams into reality - at home, office, factory or clinic.

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Glimpses of the Pyramid Vastu Handbook

Vaastu Wisdom For Well Being

Vaastu is the core wisdom responsible for the entire Universal abundance within and around us. Vaastu is the art and science by which the most amazing instrument that is our body and the beautiful world of living and non-living things are manifested. By using the same universal wisdom you can also manifest your own desirable world within and around you. Vaastu is a subject influencing all the events and consequences of our life. Once you understand and practice this holistic wisdom for well being, then all outcomes of life will be better than before. That means Holistic Wish of Vaastu is essential for everyone of us. But today, what is known as "Vaastu" is limited and not enough to produce desirable results. Vaastu is the ultimate wisdom for total well-being. So, let's explore all the dimensions of vaastu to achieve the best from our inner potential.

To get the optimum output from life one must have a clear and holistic perception of vaastu. Today, our perception about vaastu is incomplete. It is centered around a building, working place, magnetic directions, surroundings, shape of the lot or a building, main gate of the compound &r a main door of a premises, location of rooms as per it's activity, placement of non-living objects. This is not enough for transforming your dreams into reality. For a positive and satisfactory results in life, only focusing on non-living objects is an incomplete approach. Let's have deeper understanding of this subject. The holistic perception about this most essential Vaastu is must. Because it influences all the valuable changes in our life. So, let's learn to manage all the changes of life for total well-being. Vaastu is nothing but the art and science of performing best in all favorable and unfavourable conditions of life. It is your performance so, without you and your involvement in Vaastu Phenomena nothing can be realized in your life. You are the most essential ingredient in Vaastu Phenomena. In Holistic Wisdom of Vaastu importance must be give to you now the non-living things.

The end result of "Vaastu Phenomena" is 'vastu' (things) that you want. And Vastu' is the governing factor of "Vaastu Phenomena". To get what you desire and deserve, you 'must gain an in depth knowledge of Vastu' (things) and its role in the "Vaastu Phenomena". Vaastu is a Magical Formula of converting nothingness into everythingness.

Elephant and 6 Blind Men

We know the story of six blind men perceiving an elephant in six different ways. Today, same is the case in the subject of vaastu. Everyone has their own limited view. There is a absolute need to have holistic vision about this subject. Because Vaastu has a direct impact on the quality of your life and its grand total at the end of life.


Science of Existence

As per science entire universal manifestation works on the large level (e.g. galaxies) and small level (e.g. atoms) It is a mathematical model that joins space and time into a single idea called a continuum. Space and Time is the base of entire existence. On is the physical and other, the mathematical aspect of all creation It is the medium in which an object or an event exists. Space is a 3-dimensional concept and time is a 1-dimensional concept. Space and time must be a 4-dimensional model. Science believes that the continuous sequence of charge between space and time is the entire universal existence. There are no missing points in space or time. Both can be subdivided without any apparent limit in size or duration. So, every thing is embedded in this 4 dimensional Space-Time continuum. All events places, moments, actions and so on are described in terms of their location in Space-Time. An observer views a particular object from the stand point of her own space time continuum. So space time is the base of all Existence.

Space-Time Continuum

Einstein's general theory of relativity explains gravity as the curvature of space-time. This concept an be portrayed by imagining space-time as a rubber sheet. The balls on the rubber sheet bend the sheet around them, analogous to how, matter bends space-time in its vicinity.


Science of Vaastu

Vaastu is the science of manifestation of everything in life. Vaastu is also a scientific phenomenon observed by enlightened Vedic Masters. They also came to the conclusion that space and time is the major factor behind each event in our life. Larger level is called Guru' and smaller level is called 'Laghu' in vaastu. We will learn in detail later.

Vaastu works on three types of powerful resources: One, Space Vaastu (Shira Vaastu) which deals with potential to become; Two, Time Vaastu (Chala Vaastu) which deals with change; and three, Personal Vaastu that deals with choice, which plays a vital role. So, learn to utilize all three vastus.

Space-Time Consciousness

Space Vaastu of one wing of a 15-floor building is the same. But a few flourish well and others don't. It is because of Time Vaastu and Personal Vaastu factors. To achieve better results use all three together. Pyramid Vaastu deals with all the three factors.


Vedic Law of Manifestation

Before entering the field of Vaastu one must be familiar with, 'Virat Purush' (Universal Man) and the Vaastu Purush' (Micro Man within each thing and being). Both purush are based on space and time continuum. Virat Purush is universal space and time. Vastu Purush is limited space and time. Or rather the law and order within their own boundaries. These interactive boundaries communicate with each other to create, maintain and recycle the entire manifestation. The Purusha governs the evolution any process The Purusha is the indwelling vital force in each and every act. The Purusha leads and strengthens the journey of manifestation. It is the prime motivating form and force converting nothingness into everythingness. Your dreams into reality. Purusha dynamics produce miraculous results. It governs all cause and effect all changes and transformation. All things and beings are the part and parcel of his matrix. His grace is necessary in each moment and minute. The universe is one united whole So the fundamental concept is that whatever is within, is outside. We are a microcosm of a macrocosm. Outer world being a reflection of a microcosm. Outer world being a reflection of our inner world... And vice versa. The environment affects us more than we realize. It is the synergy of potential and change. The potential is symbolized by "Shankara" or "Hara"and change is symbolized by "Narayana" or "Hari" in Vedic Wisdom. So the law of manifestation is union of Hari-Hara or Narayana Shankara. Hari is Energy and Hara is particle.

Quantum Physics or Mechanics

Entire universe is the inter-play of Space-Time and Energy -Particle.


Universal Bipolarity

Hari-Hara Universal Bipolarity of the visible world. In the Heaven it is in the form of wave (Laya) and at Earth level it is in the form of Proton and Electron (Pind). All abundance can only be created by the invisible inter-active current between Heaven and Earth or Micro-Macro Purusha.


Quantum Shift Consciousness Shift

The word Quantum Shift comes from Quantum Physics a branch that studies energy levels of atoms subatomic and God particles. In other words it is Atomic Electron Transition, a change of an electron from one energy level to another within an atom. It appears discontinuous and the electrons jump from one energy level to another in a few nanoseconds or even less. Electron transitions cause the emission or absorption of electro-magnetic radiation in the form of quantized units call photons. The larger the energy separation of the states between which the electron jumps, the shorter the wave length of the photon emitted. We already know that objects and things are made up of atoms. Quantum Mechanics (QM) is a branch of physics that tell us what these atoms are made up of and how functions happen inside them.

If you want to know the ultimate formula of Vaastu, understand the consciousness shift taking place in a seed becoming the tree and the tree becoming a seed.Entire universe is a never-ending cycle of consciousness shift.


Universal Cycle of Quantum Shift

Now 70% of the Universe is made up of Dark Energy, 25% is made of Dark Matter, and 5% is made up of Matter or things that exist. This 5% is made up of Fermions and Bosons. Fermions are made up of Atoms and Ions. Atoms and Ions are in turn made up of Quarks and Leptons. There are six Quarks and two Leptons on one level and there are 3 such levels of existence. So, science tells us there are eight fundamental 'things' or particles that are responsible for all matter that exists. Now there is also an interesting twist... for matter to decompose something called the anti-matter is required So, just like matter, the anti-matter also is made up of six Anti-Quarks and two Anti Leptons and these also have three levels of existence. They have discovered 13 Bosons as yet, the Higgs Boson being the latest. So, until now Physicists have discovered 61 particles responsible for all the matter that exists and they are still researching. The most surprising discovery they have made is that the thoughts and emotions of the scientists performing the experiment have an effect of the result of he experiment! That brings us to one of the biggest questions modern day science seeks to answer about human consciousness. Modern Physics tells us that the world is a non mechanical reality; the Universe now looks like great thoughts rather than a great 'machine' we used to think earlier.

Vaastu is the path towards total well-being. Let's learn to achieve our goals and aims through: Known to Unknown Simple to Complex Tangible to Intangible.

The Change

The only constant in the universe is change. We use this eternal principle to transform our lives towards a better state of well-being. Learn to utilize the phenomenon of change.


Universe is Ready to Help

Our planet Earth is not a dead material. As in our body, our globe also has nervous system and blood circulation system. The global nerve network is called ley lines and underground water currents are its blood circulatory system. Our globe also breathes prana present in the atmosphere, the way we breathe. The earth is one part of the Solar Sheath In other words, one vitalorgan.org solar body. It is well supported by other family members Each member contributes something for the whole. The design and execution of training for every individual is done by Solar Sheath Life on earth is governed by two ends Faend is Sun and Ma end is Moon.The Seven planets in the sky are ur real vs becailss they give us tough training for our betterment. If you perform well, they will give you rewards. If you do wrong, they will punish you Take it in the right sense. There is no short cut in the Universe. Nothing is gained in a day. The seed cannot become a tree in a day. And trees don't work for fruits, they are gained because of continuous effort of whole year. Similarly we must put our whole-hearted effort Amazing results will definitely be there when the time comes Our good luck or bad luck is not due to the stars or 3 planets, but due to our own good or bad karmas. So to get better luck perform good karmas.

To provide wisdom and to enrich us with divine essence we have our solar sheath The family of seven planets are our well wishers. They cannot work for us so work hard and be in tune with them for optimum results. We Will tear the art of Tuning with the later.

Vaastu is the path towards total well-being. Let's learn to achieve our goals and aims through: Known to Unknown Simple to Complex Tangible to Intangible

Divine Support

We are well supported and nourished by supernatural environment beyond or realization.


The Science of Pyramid

Vaastu is all about Space, Time and Consciousness. In the Universe Earth, Moon and Sun play an important role. Body, Mind and Soul play a great role in manifesting your own dream world. Vaastu is the science of synchronizing all three primor dial forces for our desired purposes. Many shapes, forms and yantras are used in vaastu practice but the Pyramid Shape has the greatest affiliation with human energy. We are the vital component in creating our dream world. So, pyramid can give most scientific and effective results in achieving all that we want. Let's learn how to use these pyramid dynamics in Live Vaastu.


Earth represents the body,Moon represents the mind and Sun represents the soul in Vedic Wisdom Pyramidal space dynamics manages the growth and evolution This time-dynamics controls all activities. Vaastu is the space, time and consciousness dynamics. Moon Radius / Earth Radius = 27.3%. The orbit of the Moon takes 27.3 days


Cleansing with Agni

Finally, the whole universal manifestation, our own life as well as our own dream world is an interlocking loop of nine divine substances. The interacting and interlinked energies of these nine is the trustworthy resource behind every cause and effect. Let's take utmost care of these nine to achieve remarkable results in life. These nine with the grace of Almighty are accountable for all the consequences and outcomes in each and every functional domain. So, the first and essential requirement of creating a beautiful world within and around us is due to quality substances and their synchronization. There are various reasons, avoidable or unavoidable, due to which these substances become impure and unsynchronized. They create all Everything in the universe operates through energy exchange. Yagna is the dynamic way of energy exchange to get desired results.

Lord Agni

Lord Agni (Fire God) is the super dancer and uplifter of core energies. It is the great synchronizer.